Since every MitchMallow is made by hand and Mitch insists that each one be perfect, not all of our flavors may be available all the time. But there will be plenty to choose from in yummy rotation.


Do continue to check in with us to see what treats are rarin’ to go … And what new and exciting flavors Mitch is whipping up for delicious surprises!

The Classics
Banana Split

Your favorite sundae … cubed! A layer of rich valrhona chocolate mallow topped with a layer of intense banana mallow.

Cherry Vanilla

Fresh summer cherries lend their delightful taste to our NEW cherry vanilla


The real deal for cocoa lovers and one of our most popular flavors. Deep, rich chocolate flavor to float in a glass of cold or warm milk, top off desserts, or simply devour right from the box!

Chocolate Strawberry

A marriage sure to last! Mitch weds full, rich chocolate and tangy fresh raspberry zip for a happily-ever-after flavorfest.

Classic S’mores

MitchMallows happily caters Sweet Sixteens, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras,  corporate parties, holiday gatherings, family reunions, anniversaries, and other special events.

Crazy Coconut

Mitch went nuts for this one, filled with exotic island flavor and covered in toasted shredded coconut. Hula skirt optional. One of our most popular treats!

Lemon ‘n Lime

“Citrus” entertain you with this perfect – and colorful – marriage of lemon and lime. Zesty, tangy, surprising.


Three of our classic flavors together for the first time in one cube! Delicious Strawberry, Vanilla & Chocolate layered together, perfectly in sync.

Monagrammed Wedding Mallows

Monagrammed Mallows…the perfect wedding favor!

Vanilla Dream

Mitch takes the classic marshmallow one step beyond, packing this fluffy treat with real vanilla punch. You’ll never use the words “plain” and “vanilla” in tandem again.

Wedding Favors

Custom designed wedding mallows in our beautiful gift boxes. Your designs…your colors…your mallows. Mallows = Love!

Totally Whack'd
Baby Shower Favors

Ask us about our favor gift boxes…custom designed …handcrafted with sweetness and love!

BLT S’more

Book us for your next party. Your guests will be wowed as they watch our S’moreMasters prepare our creative menu of savory and sweet s’mores.

Blueberries & Cream

The bright and brilliant flavor of blueberry layered with our dreamy
creamy, vanilla.

Churros Mallows

Perfect for your Cinco de Mayo celebration The aroma and flavor of the Churros sold on the street with a delightful cinnamon-sugar crunch on the outsides and that fried toasted flavor you love on the inside.


Who needs a freezer? Not you if you’re indulging in Mitch’s sweet and creamy blend of orange and vanilla. Evoke a childhood memory without the drips!


Mitch loves this one! All the knockout happy flavor of your childhood favorite. But this airy treat won’t stick to the roof of your mouth. Yum!

Ginger Wasabi

Was Mitch crazy to invent this combo? You won’t think so when you taste ’em. Wake up those taste buds with a bracing treat guaranteed to rev up your circulation!

Maple Syrup Pancake

Yes, Mitch believes that breakfast is the perfect time for a marshmallow. Especially when it’s this delicious, evoking the sweetness of maple syrup, creamy pancake and butter taste, to enjoy anytime

MarchMallow Madness

Let the March Madness begin with these orange flavored BasketBall MitchMallows slam dunked in chocolate. Perfect for snacking during the games or after every 3 pointer.  Hoops Not Included.

Merlot Mallows

Who’d of thunk this fruity red wine would make such an amazingly refreshing treat! Tres Manifique!

Milo’s Very HOT Chocolate

A yummy combo of chocolate flavor with a major dose of cayenne pepper…just as
Milo prefers! Perfect on their own, dazzling when added to hot chocolate or as a
topping for chocolate desserts

Mint Chocolate Chip

These chocolate chip topped cubes of joy remind Mitch of his favorite ice cream. You will be amazed at how delicious these treats are!

Mom’s Apple Pie

America’s signature dessert in a cube: rich apple flavor spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon. Mitch devours these when he’s too tired to bake the real thing.

PB & Chocolate

One half intense chocolate, one half potent peanut butter!
All the knockout happy flavor of your childhood favorite and it
won’t stick to the roof of your mouth.


Serious vanilla taste, dipped in chocolate, fancifully decorated with c sprinkles. These guys have personality! And yes – they kind of look like Mitch.

Pink Carpet

These toasted coconut treats are blushing with flavor. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or just because. Here at MitchMallows pink is the new black.

Pretzels and Beer

It’s always Happy Hour with these on hand. A winning combination: delicious, subtle essence of suds with real pretzel bits for crunch. Cheers!


Hey Rooty! Fruity flavor to the Max. Sparkly outside crunch. This is what sweet and silly are all about.

Wine & Cheese

A Fine Merlot and a Bold Cheese Make this MitchMallow the Happiest Happy Hour
treat you will ever experience. Yes it’s a mallow

Candy Cane

Nothing says the holidays like these jolly guys! Mitch plays Santa’s helper with this ideal treat featuring zingy peppermint stripes in rich vanilla.

Cranberry Sauce

Mitch relishes these Thanksgiving staples. All the flavor without the jiggle!…

Easter Eggs

Mitch and the Easter Bunny have collaborated to put the swing back into spring. Luscious vanilla MitchMallows with colorful decorations to celebrate the season.

Egg Nog

Float ‘em in the real thing, top a hot chocolate … or simply enjoy this taste of the holidays as is. Santa’s fa-la-la-licious favorite!

Halloween Candy Corn

MitchMallows dressed up as those spooky ubiquitous Halloween classic candies.

I Heart Mallows

Chocolate Lovers Rejoice…Sumptuous chocolate heart shaped mallows with a rich delicious semi sweet chocolate topping and cherry flavored, heart shaped MitchMallows coated in technicolor pink and red sugar!


Mitchie’s Chickies

These early birds flock together. Brilliant Pink and Yellow Chickies are the
perfect eye candy for your Easter Basket! Scrumptious Vanilla MitchMallows hand
decorated with mouth watering white and milk chocolates. Silly & Sweet


These zingy, minty treats with a chocolate drizzle are perfect for floating in hot chocolate on a cold winters day or just popping straight from the box.

Pumpkin Pie

The Thanksgiving classic dessert transformed to luscious marshmallow!

Sweet Potato Vanilla

Your favorite casserole now in bite-sized bits! Essence of sweet potato topped with a layer of heavenly vanilla. Enjoy anytime, and wow the family next Thanksgiving by putting them on top of the real thing.

Thanksgiving Gravy Mallow

You read it right. It’s all gravy….


Watermellon Mallow

Life’s a beach anytime with this summer picnic classic mallowed for your convenience!
Nothing’s more refreshing than a delicious slice of watermelon mallow.