Totally Whack'd Mallows

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  1. Vanilla Mega Mix Sampler

    Vanilla Mega Mix Sampler

    Mega Mallow Mixing Madness Learn More

  2. Dr Franken Mallow

    Dr Franken Mallow

    They called us crazy when we said we want to build a monster marshmallow! Learn More

  3. Mallow Maniac Mega Sampler

    Mallow Maniac Mega Sampler

    Finally the sampler you've been asking for. Learn More

  4. PB & J

    PB & J

    Comfort food meets comfort mallow …the result …candy bliss! Learn More

  5. MitchMallow Mug And Mini's

    MitchMallow Mug And Mini's

    MitchMallow Mugs make Magical Moments Learn More

  6. Birthday Cake Mallows

    Birthday Cake Mallows

    Happy Birthday to Mallow Me! Learn More

  7. Root Beer Float Mallow

    Root Beer Float Mallow

    The most delicious flavor combination in culinary history, root beer and vanilla ice cream! Learn More

  8. Tootie Frootie Mallows

    Tootie Frootie Mallows

    Wop bop a loo bop a lop bom bom! Learn More

  9. Chocolate Mega Mix Sampler

    Chocolate Mega Mix Sampler

    Chocolate layered mallow goodness! Learn More

  10. Pink Lemonade Mallow

    Pink Lemonade Mallow

    Old Fashion Summer Treat Transformed! Learn More

  11. PB & Chocolate

    PB & Chocolate

    Intense Chocolate & Potenet Peanut Butter Learn More

  12. Churros Mallows

    Churros Mallows

    Cinco De Mallow! Learn More

  13. Milo's Very HOT Chocolate

    Milo's Very HOT Chocolate

    Chocolate + Cayenne = HOT! HOT! HOT! Learn More

  14. Prosecco Mallows

    Prosecco Mallows

    Packing the effervescence of your favorite sparkling wine. Learn More

  15. Ginger Wasabi

    Ginger Wasabi

    Exotic, cutting edge marshmallow! Learn More

15 Item(s)

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