The Birth of the Mitch Mallow

Mitch Speaks

Welcome to Mitch Mallows

My name is Mitchell Greenberg and I’ve had a lifelong love affair with marshmallows. Not just the mass-market ones we throw in hot chocolate, on top of a sweet potato casserole or squish in a s’more as an afterthought. I knew marshmallows could be much, much more: savory as well as sweet and, when properly made, could realize their potential as a versatile, exciting new gourmet treat.

So I put on my apron, bought ingredients, and repaired to my Top Secret Candy Lab to begin my quest to bring marshmallows into the 21st century. The result is MitchMallows, amazingly delicious and versatile artisanal savory and sweet bites of heaven that are definitely NOT your granny’s candy!

I’m passionate about MitchMallows because I see the delight, surprise – yes, the magic – in people’s faces when they try one. They smile, then tell me the memories only a marshmallow can evoke. MitchMallows not only transports them to happy times past, but also makes new and even better memories to treasure.

I will always be serious about making “surprising fun” a cornerstone of our business. Providing joy, happiness and memories with each bite is not clowning around. It’s the vision of a man on a marshmallow – make that a MitchMallows! – mission. Enjoy!

Anatomy of a Mitch Mallow

The Basics

The Science of Mitch Mallows

They’re a state of mind! They’re a product! They’re both, actually: happy inch-square marshmallows handmade in New York City, MitchMallows are fat-free and gluten-free artisanal treats. Mitch’s secret to creating heavenly sweet and savory marshmallows lies in the Math (getting ingredients, temperature and baking time just right), the Mechanics (blending perfectly to create a unique, fresh consistency and fluffy texture), and – the best part – the Magic, that tasty “Eureka!” moment when you try one and realize you’ve never tasted anything like it.

You want flavors? We’ve got more than three dozen, including surprising Wasabi-Ginger, Pretzels and Beer, and Tempura … along with beloved classics. Versatile MitchMallows come in fun shapes and exotic colors, too, holiday themes throughout the year, and special occasions (yes, we cater events and create custom orders). We haven’t forgotten s’mores, of course. The Classic – vanilla, melted chocolate and graham crackers –is an enduring favorite, but it wouldn’t be MitchMallows without delicious, unexpected s’mores, like BLT — tomato with bacon — and PB&J (grape jelly and peanut butter).


A Noble History

Ancient Marshmallows

Snack like an Egyptian! Yes, the marshmallow has roots in ancient Egypt, dating back to about 2000 BC, when the sap from the root of the marsh mallow plant [althaea officinalis] was mixed with honey to create a special confection available only to the Pharaohs and assorted Gods who needed dessert.

If you weren’t a Pharaoh, you had to wait until the mid-19th century, when French candy makers combined the sap with egg whites and sugar, whipping all by hand into a tasty treat.

Now let’s fast-forward — past all those campfires, jets puffing and peeps peeping — to New York City in 2010. Today an exciting new chapter in marshmallow history has begun, as we welcome the dawn of MitchMallows! Mitch believes his surprising flavors, combinations and versatility heralds marshmallow’s Golden Age. You’ll agree when you try one!

Who is Mitch?

Mitch in the Lab

Mitchell Greenberg is chief cook, bottle washer, resident culinary genius and – yes — the CEO of MitchMallows. In a previous life Mitch was a successful Production Designer and Event Producer, creating sets for many television shows and live events. He is also a proud graduate of Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus Clown College.

Mitch loves candy, and really loves fun! Both passions came happily together one day when he was experimenting in a Top Secret Candy Lab … and MitchMallows was born. The result was so delicious Mitch knew he had a mission to share his creations with his friends and family. Mitch is very eager and excited to be able to share MitchMallows with you!