Chocolate Mega Mix Sampler


Bam! Crazy chocolate combos.

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Are you a chocoholic like Mitch? If so this fabulous NEW sample pack has your name on it. [Actually it has Mitch’s’ name on it] 3 terrific flavor combos. The 2 layers are made from the finest valrhona dutch processed cocoa and all natural flavors. The Banana Split [half banana and half chocolate] the PB & Chocolate [half PB and half chocolate] and the Chocolate + Strawberry. It’s a vision of chocolate layered mallow goodness

MitchMallows are handmade and are approximately 1.25” cubes of fluffy joy.
Each box contains 12 MitchMallows.
Box dimensions are 5.5″ by 4.125″ by 1.375″ Sweet!


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