About Us

The MitchMallows Origin Story!

My name is Mitch and I’ve had a lifelong love affair with marshmallows. Not just the mass-market ones we throw in hot chocolate, on top of a sweet potato casserole or squish in a s’more. I knew marshmallows could be much, much more: savory as well as sweet and, when properly made, could realize their potential as a versatile, exciting new gourmet snack.
I’m passionate about MitchMallows because I see the delight, surprise – yes, the magic – in people’s faces when they try one. They smile, then tell me the memories only a marshmallow can evoke. MitchMallows not only transports them to happy times past, but also makes new and even better memories to treasure.
I will always be serious about making “surprising fun” a cornerstone of our business. Providing joy, happiness and memories with each bite is our goal. It’s the vision of a man on a marshmallow – make that a MitchMallows! – mission. Enjoy!
Here at MitchMallows we are always working to create new and exciting marshmallow experiences for you. Check out our:
  •  Party Favor Boxed Mallows
  • Custom Image Mallows with your company logo, portrait or photographs.
  • Custom flavors and colors.
  • Holiday Flavors!

Party Favors...Custom Toppers...Sweet Surprises

Holiday Flavors!